Vanessa Cuesta


Yoga has been part of my life for the last six years. I found it or maybe more correctly it found me after my long-term relationship ended. Yoga was my true refuge. It was only when I was traveling through Hawaii and experiencing a blissful end to a brilliant yoga session that I had an epiphany. I felt liberated and free, something I hadn’t felt in such a long time and I wanted more. It was right then and there that I decided that yoga was something I wanted to make my life journey. In the last 12 months that I have been teaching, I have learnt a lot about people, about myself and the lessons are never ending. I feel fulfilled teaching something I love so much and feeling that interconnection or union between each other is very special to me. I follow my intuition always and know that if the number 11 is involved it means I am in the right place for what I need for my soul to spread it’s wings. THE INTUITIVE Room’s street number is 1+5+5=11. Perfect. Trained as a HOT YOGA teacher I look forward to sharing yoga in our sacred room.