Skye Hanley


"Purpose is the reason we journey. Passion is the fire that lights our way!"

Skye believes that yoga is for everyone and will meet you wherever you are on any given day. She has been practicing yoga for approximately 10 years initially starting the practice to complement her fitness training and for the purpose of bringing about a calmer life mindset. Now yoga means so much more, Skye's journey has changed (as so often our journeys do) and the familiarity of yoga and it's teachings has aided in placing control back into Skye's life following a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Having the ability to stretch out her nervous system to bring about continued greater health and longevity drives her and motivates her ongoing wellbeing.

Skye is a dynamic and qualified Exercise Specialist and practitioner of Nutritional Medicine. She combines all of her knowledge and love for people in every class. She recognises the great benefit yoga has had in her life and uses her experiences with 'dis-ease' to inspire others to lead a more holistic and empowered life. It was her desire to share her story and experiences that now inspires her to teach.

Skye's mantra is: Our lives will only expand in proportion to how much courage we are willing to have.