KANIKA (Sharon Jenkins)


Sharon is a wholistic therapist and light frequency channel. She has spent the last 20 years acquiring the tools necessary to develop a deeper understanding of the the physical and etheric anatomy, gradually integrating and embodying the knowledge required for her spiritual awakening.
Bodywork tools include several forms and lineages of massage;  Indian Head, Swedish, Remedial, Lomi Lomi and Zen Shiatsu
She has learned much about the energetic, elemental and vibrational realms through Reiki, Shamanism, Crystals, Flower Essences and varied meditation practices. Currently Sharon works with Transference Healing, which utilises light body technology to create shifts within our patterning, helping to raise our frequency for ascension.
Starting a personal practice over 20 yrs ago, Yoga has provided a gateway for her awakening journey: Asana provides a practical and delightful way to release physical pain or discomfort, and energetic distortions from the body Pranayama, Bandhas and Mudra give rise to a deeper awareness of circulating pranic energy. Other practices such as Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana lead one into deeper, expanded states of awareness and higher states of consciousness.
Yoga practice continues to sustain and support Sharons journey, teaching her about the evolution of human consciousness and that we truly are multi dimensional beings. Her desire is to share these teachings with you. To hold a clear sacred space for you to open your heart and support your journey of exploration through body mind and consciousness.

All levels from complete beginners to those who have been walking the yogic path for some time are welcome. Sharons gentle yet powerful approach will guide you back to a state of wellness and clarity, into a space from which you can retrieve the keys and codes within to unlock your inner wisdom, truth and knowing.