Michael Trembath

"The universe in nothing but rhythm.  The body is nothing but rhythm.  The job of a healer is to bring your body into harmony with the universe.” -Dr. Ram Bhosle

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Michael is passionate about experiencing and teaching practical movement in the body, the flow of energy fields, the interaction between tissues, and the exchange in gravity and lift.  His clients and students ride the waves of this dance in one-on-one sessions and in classes around the world.  He has helped thousands of people on four continents to feel more balanced, authentic, powerful and peaceful.

Michael believes that the natural currents of love, emotion, energy, gravity and power can be freely and joyfully experienced by everyone.  He playfully shares tools that create healing and growth through groundedness, trauma resolution, releasing overwhelm, relieving  pain, and enhancing meditation and spiritual practices.

For 25 years Michael has studied health, movement and energy with world masters.  In India he apprenticed with Gandhi’s doctor, Ram Bhosle,  and the Ayurvedic physician to H.H. the Dalai Lama.  In the U.S. he obtained a degree in psychology in Boulder, Colorado, and studied with a Hawaiian Zen Master.  In France he studied with a Druidic Shaman, in Germany and Austria with a deep tissue professor, and in Indonesia with a Balinese healer. 

Michael is the world master and steward of Samvahan, a 2000 year old healing tradition.  Michael regularly teaches health, personal growth, mediation and healing skills in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, India, Australia and the U.S.  He warmly and  expertly conveys perspectives on sensing and applying what is happening in our bodies to bring change to our lives.