Lara Hutton

Lara Hutton is a passionate Creative with a difference.

A soul traveller at heart, Lara has roamed the globe on her own spiritual pilgrimage. From India and working in orphanages and practicing yoga, to Tibet, Thailand, Tonga in monasteries and trekking to remote holy lands to seek wise ones for their heartfelt devotion to the sacredness of ONENESS. Meeting with the indigenous locally and in The Navajo Reservation Lara remains humble and graceful about all her experiences, resolving that her path in life is one of service to others. She is an advocate of Service to Humanity; and all the experiences on her own Journey have become the basis for a profound inquiry into 'stepping into our power' within our own lives, and living fully and authentically. We are so blessed to offer Lara space at THE INTUITIVE Room for insights into her global mediation course. The author of 'THE SOUL PASSPORT' a workbook that will be used throughout her meditation course. 

Lara, in her career has worked over the last 18 years as a Stylist and Creative Director Styling in Australia’s Leading Fashion and Interior Magazines; while also Styling for Leading Luxury Brands both within Australia and Internationally, although she acknowledges that every aspect of her work has always been intuitive. Lara is currently collaborating with her father who is an international documentary director. They are working on a new series yet to be released that continues to support Laras thirst for all things sacred. It's enough to say that this is going to be AMAZING.

For nearly the same length of time, Lara has had a parallel love for all things Wellness and Spirit; and she has constantly sought a path of Holistic, Healing and Spiritual inquiry .

An accomplished Reiki Master, and Healer , Lara draws on many techniques including extensive study of Kinesiology and Natural Remedies.

Lara is a beautiful and gentle soul. Being in her presence is healing enough.