Erika Elliott


I have been a devotee of yoga, both on and off the mat, since the late 1980’s and it has served me well through physical injury, heart ache, grief, joy, motherhood, travel and the mundane.  Yoga lifts my spirits up and settles my mind.

I began a regular Yin yoga practice nearly two years ago and very quickly realised that this style of yoga needed to be in my life pretty much on a daily basis to help unstick what gets stuck together during the sleeping hours.  I pretty much fell in love with Yin from my very first class and sought out a teacher training so I could dive deeper.

I am blessed to teach Himalayan Yin Yoga which is a beautiful blend of the ancient Hatha yoga postures and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The teachings, most importantly the internal teachings of the body that one can glean by coming to a Yin class, are boundless and so beneficial and needed in our Yang world.

I have been a doula, professional birth support, and childbirth educator since 2005 so holding sacred space is what I do best, and I bring that tender, supportive intuition to my classes and look forward to sharing those moments of trust, opening and quiet introspection with you all.

“Immerse a hundred percent awareness in your breath.  Then welcome all sensations and allow them to be.  These are just distractions to presence.  Begin to trust the tool of breath awareness and soften that which can soften.  Let everything else happen by itself”. Ariel Lim Su