I am a Registered Nurse and passionate about yoga.

"I practice mindfulness meditation and study the teachings of non-duality".

I love the healing element in yoga and its amazing health benefits. My belief is that disEASE is not caused just through biological imbalances and injury but by emotions, thoughts and experiences. My passion is Restorative Yoga.

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How did I come to Restorative Yoga?
I am a mother, sister, daughter, aunty, friend and Registered Nurse. I was also a mature aged student, stressed and exhausted. My intuition told me to go to yoga. I listened. I have not looked back. I LOVE YOGA. Yoga has opened my heart, my mind and restored my body.  Like the thousand petal lotus it continues to open and evolve always showing and teaching me more.

As a nurse I am always interested in medical research. A systematic review  by the  Asian Journal of Psychiatry  of a number of academic studies of yoga's effects on stress,  anxiety, and obesity; high blood pressure; pain syndromes; autoimmune and immune conditions found that yoga had been more effective than the control study group and found that 'In depressive disorders, yoga may be comparable to medication and the combination superior to medication alone'. 

Yoga has called me to combine my traditional nursing knowledge with its ancient healing techniques and share it with as many people as possible. I feel so honoured, humble and happy to share this amazing gift.

My classes are calm and introspective where each pose can be held between 2-10 minutes giving time for consciousness/awareness/the greater ‘I’ to be the observer of the breath, thoughts, sensations, emotions and perceptions and where the fascia is gently stretched balancing the Yin and the Yang energies allowing Qi (life force) to flow freely through the meridians, healing the physical, mental and emotional bodies.  

What is Restorative Yoga?
Restorative yoga is the practice of holding gentle yoga poses, over time, supported by props, blankets and cushions so that you can completely let go and relax.  In combination with mindfulness meditation and diaphragmatic breath work the parasympathetic nervous system  is switched on resetting the dial from the flight, fright response  to the rest, digest response allowing the mind, body and spirit to return to its' harmonious state and its' natural healing power.