Barbara Jackson

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I am a Registered Nurse and passionate about yoga.

"I practice mindfulness meditation and study the teachings of non-duality".

I love the healing element in yoga and its amazing health benefits. My belief is that disEASE is not caused just through biological imbalances and injury but by emotions, thoughts and experiences. I teach Himalayan Yin Yoga which is a combination of hatha asana practice and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

My classes are calm and introspective where each pose is held between 2-10 minutes giving time for consciousness/awareness/the greater ‘I’ to be the observer of the breath, thoughts, sensations, emotions and perceptions and where the fascia is gently stretched balancing the Yin and the Yang energies allowing Qi (life force) to flow freely through the meridians, healing the physical, mental and emotional bodies.  

What is fascia?
The fascia is the cellular matrix of connective tissue found head to toe that affects every movement and body system. The fascia houses and protects every organ and muscle, the spine and the brain and makes up cartilage and cells. Nerves and blood vessels run through the fascia sending vital bio-electric signals, oxygen, nutrients and hormones throughout the whole.  It is thick and sticky and more ‘plastic’ than the ‘elastic’ muscle cells which stretch and rebound quickly.  When the fascia is unhealthy or is compensating for musculo-skeletal imbalances it adheres and becomes brittle with the outcome being muscle stricture (think of a tight neck), impaired range of motion, pain and discomfort, injuries, cellulite; reduced oxygenation, blood flow, fluid exchange and bio-communication and emotional blockages culminating in the disease process. Western medicine is just starting to become very excited about what Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have understood and highly valued for thousands of years.