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I am an intuitive yogi and a flexible and creative thinker

When we know ourselves we know each other.
This is ONENESS.
This is YOGA.

To yoga I say: thank you again and again for always being ready for me. For receiving me with open arms and gracefully lighting the path before me. You are the map I have followed to self-knowledge and self trust. Your energy and good teachings have fuelled my humanness and reminds me that time spent with you is the sacredness I yearn for.

I was a stressed out 19 years old art student when I stumbled into my first yoga class. My stress levels where about to burst my sanity. It had pretty much crippled my capacity to maintain friendships. I’d never heard of '‘yoga’ until a friend told me that it would help. I guess when you’re desperate you’ll try anything to feel normal again. Right from that very first class, I got it. Stress became easier to manage and I felt happier. One class a week turned into two and then before I knew it I was doing yoga daily at home.

I can honestly say that everyday since that first class I have been practicing yoga. I think this makes it my 34th year as a yogi. It’s my sanctuary that returns me back to peace each time. I have followed many lineages on my yoga path including Iyengar, Tantra, Ashtanga, Yoga Synergy and have trained as a teacher in all of them. The gift of steeping yourself in a few different lineages of yoga is that when you find your practice, you find your home.

Ashtanga yoga is my daily practice, that brings me home each time. For more on Ashtanga Yoga

Being a teacher means I’m a constant student. I’ve taught many varied people from all walks of life from high schools to high security inmates. And I learn something new every time I teach. There is no one perfect way to teach yoga but there is one perfect way to offer it to each person that is different to how it’s offered to anyone else.

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I teach nationally and internationally every year. It feels good to expand my offering to the wider community of yogis. I love to collaborate with musicians and healers in an effort to tell the yoga story in many varied and different ways. 

Yoga is a tool: Think of it like that cloth you apply to clean the murk from your glasses.

With clarity the possibilities are endless. I call myself An Intuitive Yogi. When I am fully present to myself and clear of mind, it’s possible that what I teach in class may speak to you in a very deep and personal way. Yoga has opened a door in me that can often see beyond the physical veil. I am very respectful of your privacy and will only ever bring something up in class in a general way. Further insights may be shared in privacy after class. Being an Intuitive yogi is about tuning into individual needs and knowing how best to share yoga to assist in a healing and supportive way.

In my class you can expect to always be greeted with warmth, wrapped in some beautiful music and taken to the edge of your soul for a peek and a prod of your magnificence. Yoga is about breaking down the divides that disconnect us from ourselves and each other. Yoga is about gaining a very profound awareness of recognising who we are. When we know ourselves we know each other.

This is ONENESS.
This is YOGA.
Move. Breath. Trust. Study. Sweat. Float. Smile.

Live your truth and celebrate your love.

These are my teachers.

I bow to you and offer my respects, beautiful friend.

I look forward to sharing my love of yoga with you. Namastè.



"Adriana Cortazzo walks her talk like no other Yogini that I have ever met. You can feel it in her energy and presence and her passion for Yoga is unsurpassed. Adriana sees every individual as unique and treats them that way always giving them an experience that connects directly to their heart"
Daniel Coates, Sound Healer and Amazing human

Adriana is a superb, authentic and knowledgable teacher. The quality of Adriana's teaching is of the highest standard. So much yoga philosophy and knowledge of the body and mind were infused in what I learned from her. Learning from Adriana one knew they had access to the full spectrum of yoga. The teaching always had a reach that was beyond the confines of the mat. Through the time I practiced regularly with Adriana, I was pregnant, birthed two babies and went through many life stages and changes. She was always very knowledgeable about how to handle my changing body and her gift of yoga was immeasurably helpful in navigating all the changes in my life.
Sandra Wang, Yoga Teacher/Mother of three/Beautiful human

“Upon entering the Intuitive Room you are greeted with the infectious and genuine smile of Adriana. An instant feeling of warmth and generosity from her heart is sensed within the calm yet vibrant beauty of her sacred space. I am fortunate to collaborate with Adriana in facilitating live music in her yoga classes. Her care and genuine love for each and every one of her clients brings about a comfortable, warm and safe environment, while encompassing a beautiful flow of asana as well as incorporating her soulful chants and blessings. As an unstructured musician I always find it a great pleasure sharing space with Adriana as she delivers a dynamic class with an intuitive heart, encouraging me to seamlessly merge with the flow of energy that she so openly and instinctively gives. Adriana’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and once you have experienced her beautifully delivered classes you will no doubt be back for more.”
Peter Bajic, Reiki Master, Healer, Shaman, Music Maker and Beautiful human

"Adriana has truly inspired me to become a better yoga teacher. She is able to read a room full of students and what they need, which she then adapts the class to suit everyone overall. I love attending her classes as I never know what to expect, which I love and each class I have been to has been exactly what my body or mind was after that day. I am very attracted to her caring nature and extended and valuable knowledge. She taps into your soul and reads you to deliver exactly what you're in need of at the perfect time. Namasté"
Vanessa Cuesta, Yoga Teacher Beautiful soul

"Adriana is passionate and committed to yoga and to sharing its values and benefits. It is an integral part of her life and she practices and lives yoga on a daily basis. She leads by example and this has a positive impact on her students and the people she encounters. Adriana is an attentive teacher and is dedicated to her students. She demonstrates this through her care and interest in the heath and well being of every student whether on a physical, intellectual, emotional and/or spiritual level. She is intuitive in her approach to teaching and has the ability to sense what is needed and respond or alter the focus of a class to suit the energy presented. Adriana has a thorough understanding of physiology and is very experienced in her teaching of the yoga asanas. She demonstrates this through her ability to adapt and modify poses to suit differing needs and abilities of participants. She is encouraging and respectful in the support she provides to students to extend and/or challenge themselves in an appropriate and safe way.
Elisa Moechtar, Accessibility Consultant and Beautiful human