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Deep Altered State of Consciousness - A vibrational symphony $45


7.15 - 9.30PM



Facilitated by

Peter (shaman, sound therapist, Reiki master, musician)

Lily (harmonic sound healer, all round extraordinary channel and medium between dimensions)

Adriana (creative yogi, flexible thinker, soulful, intuitive and lover of all things yoga, chanting included)


An evening of supreme vibrational healing via ancient practices of using the voice, the breath, antique singing bowls, drums, flute and bells. Three healers combining their mastery for an ecstatic evening of Spiritual Healing, Chanting and Harmonic Channelling all wrapped in the most uplifting live music that will harmonize and restructure every cell in your being.

Peter is a Reiki Master, an intuitive musician, a shaman, a healer and a gentle'soul'. Adriana is an Intuitive 'free spirit' Yoga teacher, a soulful yogi that loves to immerse herself in the ancients yoga chants. Lilly is a Spiritual Harmonic Healer that generously shares her spiritual team with the rest of us and sings our souls song. Together they team up for an evening of heightening consciousness through high frequency vibrational healing via yogic practices, reiki, music and harmonic healing. This is a powerful and deeply moving experience.

Why is this a healing experience?

Sounds resinate with your higher consciousness for you to bring about the changes perhaps needed for you to live your authentic selves and heal those emotions and blockages which creates dis-ease within our bodies, hearts and minds. The singing also helps one to feel the love and light within, thus bringing clarity and balance within yourself and the planet. The singing with spirit reflects out into the ether and helps to balance vibrations in surrounding areas.
To hear and witness the singing creates expansiveness in one’s consciousness, to understand that we all are One, free from the bonds of race, creed, sexuality, religion and gender, and to comprehend that life is indeed eternal. Whilst seeming random, each singer is well orchestrated, Lilly simply allows the spontaneous flow of spirit, one after the other, sometimes holding the same breath and note, a new guide will come through without stopping. Lilly’s breath goes on much longer when she is in that state of consciousness.
Singing, toning, sounds and chants of all different nationalities come through in their native tongue to bring about love, peace, harmony, enlightenment and balance in one’s chakras. Therefore creating healing and benefit to humankind as a whole.
Throughout history man has sung for healing and expanding one’s mind to be closer to the God Force and Godhead. Specific cultures use different tones for creating balance. Chanting creates attunement to the Source.

Some guides cultures are easily identifiable, others are more ancient bringing their love to you also.

The chants we recite are in Sanskrit. It is the ancient language associated with India. It is considered to be the oldest language in the world, being at least 6,000 years old, and probably much older. Sanskrit is considered to be the language of the Gods, as it is made up of the primordial sounds. Joseph Campbell, the late, great mythologist refered to Sanskrit as, "The great spiritual language of the world."

Sanskrit is also the language of mantra, word formulas that were discovered by the ancient sages of India as being a particular combination of sound vibrations that, when chanted or meditated upon, had a specific result on the mind, psyche, or even the natural realm.

The vibration and melody of the singing bowls being played is mesmerizing. Just that alone will put you into an altered state feeling deeply relaxed.


here's what one of the students said:
"I found Friday's experience altering in measurable ways. I couldn't sing and have always had trouble with hearing the beat in music or finding a rhythm.
I experienced during the chanting a feeling of inclusion and safety that allowed me to experiment with modulating my tone and I found myself chanting in tune with everyone else!!!!  It was very liberating and the vibrations were palpable. This continued throughout Lilly's singing which was an intense yet calming experience.
Saturday Morning I was quietly waiting for the kettle to boil for my first cup of coffee for the weekend when all of a sudden I found myself singing in tune! to aretha franklin and dancing around the lounge room in time to the music before suddenly deciding to spring clean the apartment. Entirely out of character but welcome none the less - so thank you for providing this opportunity". Luke