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11AM - 12PM


(Part proceeds will be donated to Pandit Ji's project of building an ashram in the holy pilgrimage site of Badrinath, a holy dharma of India and to many spiritual seekers.) 


If you'd like to read more about his ashram and how to offer more of your support click here


PANDIT JI SAYS.... "I'm not a Guru or a Swami. Im just an ordinary man that finds peace in sharing Vedic knowledge with others. I grew up in a Vedic ashram in the Himalayas that gave me an opportunity to grow spiritually, and later in life I graduated from a university with a degree in Computer Engineering. Sharing this Vedic knowledge is not my profession, it is my dharma and my service to the Supreme Lord. Through this service, my intention is to help relieve the suffering of souls via rituals, mantras, yantras and puja."


Pandit Ji Yogi is a Himalayan monk from the holy mountains of Badrinath. From the age of 7 years old, he was sent to a monastery where he was raised by Gurus and Yoga masters and taught the ancient vedic philosophy of yoga. Later in life he decided to embark on travelling the world to share this spiritual knowledge.

Yoga is not a religion, it is a way of life. It is a practice of purification and devotion leading one to pure love, peace, compassion and self-realisation. It is for everyone.

The Saturday class will touch of some of the following:
• His teaching included:
• Traditional Himalayan Vedic Knowledge
• Energy Healing
• Bhakti Yoga
• The art of Mantra Chanting
• Chakra Opening Meditation
• Fire Rituals (Agni Hotra),and Yantras
• Shri Vidya Sadhana

‘’The art of self realization & inner awakening’’
Includes theory and practical, based on Vedic and Buddhist philosophies. You will gain from this teaching the following benefits:

• Healthy body that is in a constant rejuvenative mode

• Mind that is inspired, guided and powerful

• Attract prosperity

• Supercharge your energy level

• Manifest your sacred purpose as human and evolve

• Manifest your dreams into reality

• Learn to detach and free yourself from negative feelings and emotions

• Draw and feel divine that is divine love near to you

• cultivate inner silence and bliss

• Find out just what true satisfaction is

• Learn to trust yourself

• Access answers from your higher self

• Clear away karma by clearing chakra system

• Take control of your life

• Awaken psychic abilities

• What is hypnosis