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INTUITION MASTERCLASS: Beyond your thinking mind is your intuitive intelligence $40



8 APRIL 2018

11AM - 2PM





Learn how to thrive from your

intuitive intelligence


We all have it. We’ve all called on it. But we don’t always trust it. Stepping into the Intuitive realm is like being handed a map and shown the exact way to get from here to clarity.
That path has a common theme of TRUST.

Trust your inner voice.

Trust your instincts.

Trust that you know more than you think you do.

What can get in the way is your mind questioning that initial thread of light. The word ‘intuition’ although flippant and commonly used is really a daily affirmation of having faith in yourself. Knowing how to listen to yourself is the first step. Your personal insights are your GPS to a journey lived with the eye’s of your soul clearly focused and wide open.

Join Intuitive yoga teacher Adriana Cortazzo and Psychic Medium Loretta Byrne for an afternoon of opening up and get very cosy with your inner voice and feeling empowered about trusting your impressions as being real and not imaginary.
Had Adriana not listened to her inner voice she probably wouldn’t be here today.



At the age of 19 Adriana was driving to university as she did everyday often picking up a friend on the way. Her friend was very casual about wearing a seatbelt and often didn't bother with it. After picking up her friend one day, and driving the same route they always did, Adriana suddenly heard a voice. in a very clear and commanding tone tell her to instruct her friend to immediately strap on her seatbelt. It was so directive that she repeated in the same tone to her friend, who obediently complied. As soon as the seatbelt clicked into place their car was forcefully rammed into from the left side by another car that had driven through a stop sign. The car was catapulted through the air to the other side of the road. Had Adriana’s friend not been wearing her seatbelt it could of been fatal for both of them. Thankfully, Adriana had already been very familiar with trusting her inner voice and was quick to act upon the instructions.




Loretta's life has been full of insights, recognitions and knowings. She thought everyone had and used the same ability that she did. Although she was right, everyone has the ability but not everyone uses it. Her defining moment was at 2am in the morning coming home from a wedding with her 2-year-old in the back of the car. She was stopped at a T-intersection and as you can imagine at that hour, there was no traffic on the road. The lights changed green for her to go and she heard an almighty roar in her head to stop. So she did. A car came out of nowhere and sped through the red light. It would have t boned her and her son on our side of the vehicle. That moment changed her forever.



Benefits of learning to Navigate through your intuition


- enhances sensory abilities

- empowering your inner voice

- removes fear of unknown

- learning to trust yourself


This workshop will guide you into tuning into your own INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE

Experience the knowing of your inner voice and a closer connection and understanding of how it works for you. What causes blocks and what causes a flow of energy and information? Feel empowered as you experience the connection to your inner guide to assist with your life choices and keep you connected to your spiritual path. Gain the experience of how your ability works for you.


About Adriana
I am a mother. I am a wife. I am the director of THE INTUITIVE Room and have been a yogi for more than 30 years. I have walked many paths before getting to this place. In my work life, I was the creative director of a national fashion magazine and my yoga and creative world hummed along beautifully. Before that I was an art student moonlighting as a fashion model. And before that I was a very scared teenager that had experienced a terrible shock that rendered me incapable of sleeping, or being alone, or even making friends. How did I cope? Somehow I developed the capacity to just know something before it happened which made me feel secure and safe. It helped me enormously to let go of that scared little girl and grow into the person I am today. I navigate my life through my intuitive intelligence. It has saved me many times. It has guided me and opened me to grasping that we are all connected through energy and that energy can be activated by all of us through yoga, through mindfulness, through just being present to yourself.

It's just a matter of trusting yourself.

Life lived in TRUST is LIBERATING.

TRUST that is from my own personal GPS.


About Loretta
I have been a working psychic medium for more than 10 years but using intuition my whole life. It has guided me to make decisions regarding relationships, connecting with job opportunities and avoiding dangerous situations. In my spiritual work I use my intuition to guide others on their life path and spiritual journey. I have been blessed to attend workshops with Mediums from the UK and Australia. They too have helped me to gain skills in utilising my intuition in readings and healing. I believe we can all connect and use our intuition on a daily basis it is just a matter of relearning how to do this. I believe this sense is another one of our senses that lies beneath the realities of everyday life and can cause us to disconnect.