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::::: NEW DATE ::::: CHANTING: LIVING A SPIRITUAL PATH with Carmella (Gitanjali) Baynie $55


NEW DATE:::::SATURDAY MAY 27, 2017:::::



Carmella (Gitanjali) Baynie is an international kirtan performer that has opened her heart and voice to thousands and thousands of people all over the world.
To chant is like inviting deep love into your being. To be loved, to feel love, to share love for healing, for humanity, for the planet. This is the practice of Bhakti Yoga the pathway to living a spiritual life, with devotion as the food for your soul.
Kirtan is a sadhana (spiritual practice) of call and response. It is an experience of sitting with like minded people being led from one chant to another inducing a heartfelt trance-like state, accompanied by live music. The nectar of these traditional chants is not in the meaning of them but in the vibration of repeating them out loud. The chants themselves are ancient and the very vibration of them has been used for centuries to heal the soul.


''Chanting is the heart practice of Yoga. When we are in love, our hearts are constantly calling out the name of our lover. Chanting is that calling.'' -Krishna Das

Carmella has been immersed in sacred sound for over thirty years. She is a much loved yoga teacher, voice teacher and kirtan singer based in Austalia that extensively tours around the world. Just back from her tour in the United States of America where she played at the Bhakti Festival along side the likes of Krishna Das, Carmella is truly amazing and inspiring.
"This year I got to perform kirtan inside the Opera House, at the Opera House steps, at NSW Parliament House, in Shanghai and just recently in the Californian desert! People the world over are getting into this traditional form of devotional singing, a branch of yoga -Bhakti Yoga " Carmella
The evening includes a delicious Indian vegan meal and chai. Dinner will be served at the beginning of the night only.