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SEPTEMBER 21, 2018


6.30 - 8.30PM


( $20 for children under 17 years of age, pay on the night, cash only )


A magical Two-hour workshop: You will be guided through 3 stages of purification and connection, with nature and your own inner rhythms and cycles.


What to Bring
A flower or something from nature that represents the season of spring to you, so that together we can create a beautiful springtime alter.

lowres late-fall-wild-sunflowers.jpg

Spring is about cracking open what was closed and allowing the light back in. It’s an expansive time; like budding flowers we all are more likely to think of new ways to do things, sprout new ideas and to clear away the old. 

Spring is a time when fertility returns to the land, which we can see in all the baby animals being born and the nest building going on. And its no different for humans - the Wheel of the Year has continued to turn and the festival of Ostara occurs at this time, when night and day are equal, but moving towards summer.

Spring brings with it the magic of change, its a transitional season and its our chance to transform ourselves.



RITUAL - A beautiful ‘Blessings of Spring Flower Ritual’

MOVEMENT - Yin/Yang style asanas (postures) to support the balancing of energies within your body and consciousness and align yourself with Mother Earth.

MEDITATION -  A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating meditation practice.


Your facilitator Sharon has been studying and practicing Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing and other Esoteric and Shamanic practices from many lineages for over 20 years. It is her intention to be of service to Mother Earth and support people in reclaiming the knowledge, wisdom and healing gifts She (Gaia) offers.