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TWO-DAY Deepak Chopra's Mantra Meditation Course

November 12, 2 - 4pm

November 13, 1 - 4pm

$550 per person
(It is a tax deduction for stress management)

Transform your life forever

Carolyne Gowen is an internationally trained meditation mentor. We are truly humbled by her greatness and feel incredibly lucky to have her take time out from her intensely busy schedule to share this workshop with us.

She studied under Deepak Chopra to take on the deeper and very ancient practices of the Vedic Meditation which Deepak Chopra has named Primordial Sound Meditation. This changed her life forever, taking her from a very stressful state of mind to a place of choosing to live peacefully while still very engaged in a corporate world.

Whether you are new to meditation or a long time practitioner looking for inspiration, within this two day workshop Carolyne is genius at drawing you deeper and deeper into your place of stillness and holding you comfortably within the realms of peace and harmony. Taking the time to sit with your mind, witnessing yourself and then introducing vedic mantra is like the magic key to dissolving mental clutter and releasing deep layers of stress.

Hundreds of people have attended Carolyne’s meditation classes, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, doctors, lawyers, parents, school children, mechanics, chefs, people suffering severe depression, anxiety and illness and everyone in-between.



What is truly unique about this workshop from Carolyne Gowen is that each attendee will be gifted with their own personal mantra. A mantra is a sacred sanskrit sound that is thousands of years old and the daily repetition of it has the capacity to deepen human experiences. Carolyne will tune into you via your birth date and time of birth to work out your specific sacred sound that you will use in your meditation practice from then on. At the time of your birth there was a specific sound that resonated in the universe and with your specific date and time that sound can be translated into a sanskrit mantra that is very uniquely yours. It's very personal and everyone has a different mantra. Repeating the mantra is like an internal teacher guiding you back to your center of bliss. It leads to that perfect lake of inner stillness. Mantras themselves don't need to have scientific proof of their worth however, studies have shown that they have very soothing effect on the nervous system, which results in less stress and better sleep.

Over the TWO DAY Meditation Course YOU will learn:
- The theory of meditation and how to bring meditation into your daily life
- Understand what happens when you meditate and learn positive affirmations
- Understand the seven higher states of consciousness and unlock the power of the Chakra Energy Field for a deeper experience of meditation

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Meditation
- Reduces stress and anxiety
- Creates calm and centredness
- Increases happiness and motivation
- Encourages better sleep
- Quietens the voice in your head and therefore stills your mind
- Improves relationships
- Promotes health and wellbeing
- Increases creativity and innovation
- Builds resilience
- Strengthens and changes your brain
- Heightens intuition
- Enhances compassion
- Boosts decision making
- Increases clarity and focus
- Accesses inner wisdom and spiritual development

The benefits of meditation have been scientifically proven which is why meditation is becoming increasingly popular as western science has now confirmed what Eastern philosophies have known for centuries.


“I am deeply indebted to Carolyne for imparting her knowledge and wisdom in such a way that has made meditation a safe and positive experience and become a calming practice that I treasure daily. I had tried many forms of meditation prior to being introduced to Carolyne and I knew from extensive reading that meditation was a major key to helping me through some life events that were challenging. I just hadn’t experienced that deep connection to my Internal Reference Centre that has now become my daily guide and sanctuary giving me a deep sense of peace regardless of what life throws my way, such a beautiful way to distress your life in moments. For anyone looking to transform their life I highly recommend Still Your Mind. Thank you Carolyne”. Dr Shireen Hodgetts Chiropractor