In yoga we call our discipline 'practice'. We practice listening to the silence within.

An invitation to go in.
We pause.
We exhale. and we repeat.

Our faith is that each time an inspiration awakens our soul we have enough time to stop for a moment and look.

"Look for the One who is looking.
Look for the One who is seeing.
Look for the One who is hearing.
Look for the One". Bhagavati

The divine presence, the One that keeps the cycle of breathing igniting our purpose of being. We bow to that which connects us to our own holy presence. This place within each of us is our holy shrine. In this witnessing is your true discovery. No other quest in life has such value as that of knowing who you are. So stop for a while my dear friend, and take time to Listen to the Silent holiness of your being.

You are that.

Bow to that.




Happy 'new moon' week to you!
The elegant 13th century Persion Poet, Rumi (that so happens to have been born on the same date as me, many thousands of years earlier) is my inspiration this week.

"A new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly. Patience with small details makes perfect a large work, like the universe" Rumi

It has been a week of welcoming many, many new students to THE INTUITIVE Room. The new moon makes way for new beginnings and for taking the time to open to new possibilities. "The wound is the place where the light enters you" Rumi... indeed, we all step up to yoga in a state of repair. At our essence we are consciousness moving through form and our journey in life is about connecting with that truth. Everything we do is about clearing the fog from our vision so that what we see and feel is our authentic truth. This is yoga.

There are so many wonderful classes offered at THE INTUITIVE Room. IN I AM PEACE meditation class this week we opened our consciousness to the practice of Dharana (one-pointed concentration) and took time to gaze into flowers. Who doesn't like a flower, right. Soft, tender bundles of joy. Focusing in this way slows the thinking process and paves the way to a meditative state of mind, especially if what you are gazing into makes you feel good. Closing the eyes after a period of time meant we could invite the image to merged with our heart center. We visualized the flower living inside of us - a gentle symbol of blooming beauty. It's breathtakingly peaceful. In this exquisite state of stillness the mind is calmer and any division between mind, body and soul is lessened. This is the loving practice known as Dhyana - a continuous flow of inward consciousness. Awakening to who we are.

Try this for yourself. Next time you are presented with a flower, smell it, touch it and really look at it. Keep your gaze solidly fixed on it. Then close your eyes and bring it into your heart. We continued the practice by translating our internal vision in artwork form. Each student unleashed their creative energy into beautiful artworks that represented their experience. They created their own sacred mandala that they can use as a point of focus for their meditation. Have another look at the image above with the logo on it... I have merged two images together from two of the attendees from the class. Deeply moving images. Thank you to all the attendees for the courage of opening to new experiences... that's the new moon for you! (image credit: thank you Elisa and Margie, just beautiful, like you)

"In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art" Rumi...

This is the art of who you are.

Hari Om Tat Sat
(that is truth)
See you on the mat,



"Breathe me gently..."


That breath you are breathing right now, that everyday, nothing special breath, is humbly beckoning your attention. That next inhale desperately reaching for more of you, hangs around long enough with hope of being felt. Maybe. Consider this: every breath is a profound yet simple gesture of respect for who you are. Every breath a ritual of growing you. Sustaining you. Balancing you. Living you alive with the utmost loyalty. So why not take the time to just be with it, hear it, feel it, taste it...

This struck me this week:
"Little breath, breathe me gently, row me gently, for I am a river I am learning to cross" by M.S. Merwin

This breath is the same for you and I and yet my deepened breath feels uniquely mine. Each inspiration awakening our soul to live our body gracefully, accepting unconditionally who it is that carries it. The breath is the barometer and keeper of our being. It mirrors the river of unspoken emotions and privies us insights to our inner world. The yoga sutras tell us that the breath is the key to the vista of higher consciousness.
This week in class we took time to witness each other breathing. A profound meditation of projecting the mind to focus on one point that eventually leads to merging with that object. What happened was a profound expression of oneness. It was magic...

On ode to the breath
"You are the strength that keeps me walking.
You are the hope that keeps me trusting.
You are the life to my soul.
You are my everything, and how can I stand here
with you and not be moved by you"
Source: Lifehouse, breathing

At THE INTUITIVE Room we take time to usher the breath back to center stage where we bow to it with the utmost respect.

Hari Om Tat Sat
(that is truth)
See you


What does it mean to be a yogi?

If you can sit quietly after hearing bad news....
If in financial downturns you remain perfectly calm...
If you see that your neighbors have traveled to fantastic places without a twinge of jealousy...
If you can happily eat what has been put on your plate...
If you can fall asleep after a day of running around without having to take any medications or alcohol...
If you can always find contentment just where you are...
.... well, you are probably a dog. (inspired by Jack Kornfield)

There is so much idealism about spiritual practice and there can be a confusion about what it all means. When I was 10 years into my practice I remember thinking how amazing my teacher was with his effortless grace of being and a diet that appeared to be nothing more than air. When I eventually saw him eat food it took me a while to pick up my jaw from my disillusioned pedestal. HE ATE POTATO SALAD? What are we striving to 'perfect'? Maybe you know this already or maybe this is a reminder of why you are doing what you're doing... a spiritual practice is not about perfecting who you are so you can live up to the ideals of great sages. Nope. The reason you are in a spiritual practice is to perfect your capacity to love. Love, love, and more love, from your mat to your day to day living, our most treasured gift is LOVE.

That is yoga.
An ocean of PASSION.

Hari Om Tat Sat
(that is truth)
See you on the mat,




Another group of practitioners complete their eight week program ..... Congratulations to you all for taking the steps to commit to yourselves and discovering the value in being more aware.

In our meditation we explored what it felt like to be well centered and what happens to this when we engage with others. We all acknowledged how CHALLENGING this was and how we can loose ourselves and what is true to us in order to meet the needs of others .

Each week has taken us to a different experience of ourselves and the overall process has left everyone hungry for more! We travelled through understanding how we think and appraise situations, riding emotional waves mindfully, the art of letting go well and building compassion for ourselves and others.....we begin again on Monday 18th July ....the process has been described as 'transformative ' ....

We just can't afford not to have such important skills in our high pressured lives!

By Deena Thompson


I was recently away with my family taking a few days off and I found this graffiti that was a prefect blessing for me right now... BE FREE! or maybe, this is the blessing that we all try to abide by but not always remember. Be Free is the ultimate liberation, the ultimate illumination as a yogi. Within the beautiful poetic words of the Bhagavad-Gita (an ancient Hindu scripture) it is stated: "what is night for all beings is day for the illuminated yogi, resting only in the vision of the Divine Soul".

Being in yoga is a profound awakening to being fully you.

Free tea to all INTUITIVE Room subscribers... "I grew up in an ashram..."

Special FREE TEA OFFER especially for you from KIN KIN TEA

Special FREE TEA OFFER especially for you from KIN KIN TEA

 I believe in the power of manifestation.

After an overwhelming week of work even the smallest of tasks was starting to feel like a burden. The thought of knowing which tea to serve at our Deep Altered State of Consciousness event was just another thing I had to think about. Rather than just purchase any sort of tea I wanted something that would be specific to facilitating an opening of the throat chakra, Vishuddhi. I put it out to the universe to give me just the right tea for our event. It took no less than a few hours before a message landed in my inbox from an organic tea company offering me free tea. Wow, that was quick!

I not only got free tea and a recommendation of which tea would be prefect for the throat chakra Visuddhi but I also got an insight into the person behind Kin Kin Tea. “I lived in an ashram until I was 18 years of age” was the basis of how he knew a thing or two about chakras and how to activate them through the right herbal tea. His mother had a burning desire to be part of the change going on in the world at the time and packed up her young family and moved them into an ashram with the hope of a better life. Steve Tollis lived with 25 adults and 25 kids and remembers it as an amazing experience. It was a utopian existence of waking each day to early morning meditations and group vibrational healings. The healing would involve scanning the body and deciphering through the sensations in the hand which chakra was depleted and through specific mantra chanting, the chakra could be activated. All this from the age of 7 was just a typical day for Steve. It was an experience of oneness as all adults took on parental roles mentoring all the children as their own.

 “I would suggest Sahaja Yoga to anyone" says Steve. "The principles that they teach are all excellent building blocks for a better world. To know your 'real' self; be content and satisfied. Be at peace with an open big heart. Be loving and compassionate.  Be collective and see what's good for the whole.  Be observant before reacting, be positive and constructive, forgiving and humble. We are all connected. Wisdom unfolds when we are these things. There are some more interesting rituals as well in relation to attaining those principles such as “shoe beating”. Basically you take your left shoe, sit down on the grass/earth and write your problem on the ground. Put it in a bandhan and then hit it 108 times with your shoe. Different but effective!"

When it was time for Steve to leave the ashram he left behind that life and began walking in different shoes. “We moved to Kin Kin in the Noosa Hinterland onto 10 acres 8 years ago with the goal of living off the land and being self-sustainable. We have 27 sheep, 5 chickens, 4 geese, 14 guinea fowl and 4 ducks 1 dog and two children – Aiden and Annabelle. Having children changed our perspective on many things and a very important one being protection for the environment and attempting to leave the world in a better place than the way we found it. Following in my Mum’s steps really but trying via a different avenue. Our goal is to be self-sustainable. Everything within reason is our motto".

"We have recently had the blessing to be able to take over the management of Kin Kin Tea. When the opportunity came up we jumped at it as it fits in with so many of our ideals. Certified Organic and be able to work with local producers and grow our own Ginger and Turmeric using permaculture principles".

what is your philosophy on life…
"My philosophy on life is to do everything with balance. Everything we do should be balanced. Fanaticism in my opinion is becoming way too prevalent in our society and not simply in regards to the obvious… religion. This balance must be applied to the way we eat, work and play. At the end of the day it is common sense that should prevail"

your parting words would be….
"Lets make the world a better place and follow the old American Indian philosophy that all decisions should not be made on how it will affect us in 3 years’ time but how it will affect us in 3 generations time".

Kin Kin Tea is offering THE INTUITIVE Room subscribers a free tea from their online store… Simply enter code #INTUITIVE on the checkout page for a Free Alfa Mint tea. This is one of our healthiest teas and also tastes great.

Deep Altered State of Consciousness

A blissful evening of floating with Intuitive yogi Adriana and Spiritual Harmonic Healer Lilly

JULY 1 Friday evening 7 - 9pm $35

Adriana is an Intuitive Yoga Teacher and Lilly is a Spiritual Harmonic Healer. Together they team up for an evening of heightening consciousness through yogic practices and vibrational healing.

This is a deeply peaceful and moving experience of dissolving into a flowing wave of healing vibrations. Adriana is a soulful yogi that channels her teachings from inner wisdom. She will lead a meditation awakening the energy centers blissfully opening to a flowing stream of mantra vibrations. The group will chant an auspicious 108 rhythmic chants that will collectively empower and expand the pranic flow of awareness. 

Lilly is a humble and truly beautiful soul that has been chosen by spirit to be a vehicle for their expression through song and vibration. Lilly is a spiritual harmonic healer who allows spirit from the realm of love to infuse with her energy for the intention to heal, expand, and create awareness in the knowing that all is One.The energy that comes through Lilly is breathtaking. Every cell of your being will feel her song and sound.

The work you will do with Adriana blends beautifully in preparation for a heighten experience of Lilly's breathtaking vibration. This will stay with you for a long time after the event is over. A deep immersion of opening to grace.

Why is this a healing experience?
Sounds resinate with your higher consciousness for you to bring about the changes perhaps needed for you to live your authentic selves and heal those emotions and blockages which creates dis-ease within our bodies, hearts and minds. The singing also helps one to feel the love and light within, thus bringing clarity and balance within yourself and the planet. The singing with spirit reflects out into the ether and helps to balance vibrations in surrounding areas.

To hear and witness the singing creates expansiveness in one’s consciousness, to understand that we all are One, free from the bonds of race, creed, sexuality, religion and gender, and to comprehend that life is indeed eternal. Whilst seeming random, each singer is well orchestrated, Lilly simply allows the spontaneous flow of spirit, one after the other, sometimes holding the same breath and note and a new guide will come in without stopping. Lilly’s breath can go on longer when she is in that state of consciousness.

Singing, toning, sounds and chants of all different nationalities come through in their native tongue to bring about love, peace, harmony, enlightenment and balance in one’s chakras. Therefore creating healing and benefit to humankind as a whole.

Throughout history man has sung for healing and expanding one’s mind to be closer to the God Force and Godhead. Specific cultures use different tones for creating balance. Chanting creates attunement to the Source. Some guides are obvious which cultures they are from, others are more ancient bringing their love to you also.



What is that thing that stops you in your tracks and commands your complete attention? Like you’ve been hypnotized. It grips you like nothing else. A direct knowing that is spontaneous and breathtaking. You just know. There is no reason for it. You just know it to be so. I just had a feeling not to get in the car with my brother and even after all these years of trusting my inner knowing, I questioned it on this occasion. I thought, come on, it’s so much easier to go with my brother than with my cousin. Like a mantra on repeat in my head, in my soul, all I knew was not to get in that car. But I’d already strapped myself into the seat. DON’T GET IN THAT CAR. The feeling was unbearable. Ok already, I’d been here before with that ‘knowing’ so against all logic, I got out of the car and into my cousins car. And less than a minute later, my brothers’ car was crashed into at full force from the passengers’ side. My side. He survived. The car did not.

Intuition is a barometer of feeling rather than thinking

There is always the question to trust or not to trust. It’s the fork in the road that can often present as a test to how far our faith can be stretched. My decision to unbuckle the seat belt from my brothers’ car was completely irrational. Even my brother questioned it and was persuading me to stay. Intuition is possibly the one completely illogical experience of TRUST, that when given faith, is a compass that charts a primal experience of intelligence that is beyond thinking and deeply imbedded in sensation. It is a barometer of feeling rather than thinking. “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”~ Albert Einstein.

Yoga is a graceful reminder of our innate knowledge of how little there is that separates us. Why? Because what you are thinking is what I am thinking

Intuition is like a pretty arrangement of fairy lights that allows you time to fall into a magical display of sparkling clarity, affording you tiny glimpses into limitless wisdom. This insight is like opening the cathedral door of your essential self: Your soul. I like to think that intuition could be the language of the soul and that when we step into ourselves a sacred unraveling of inner tuition is gifted. Sometimes we listen. Sometimes we twist it around so much we loose sight of it. It’s personal. It’s intimate. It’s sacred. Like a secret club we’ve pledged our undying allegiance too. It’s both comforting and tormenting. Or maybe we become slaves to it. Jung says that “In a very short time every actual situation becomes a prison to the intuitive; it burdens him like a chain, prompting a compelling need for solution”. Queue the yogi: in steps thousands of years of living by inner tuition bringing forth an ageless wisdom of connectedness. Sit and be still say the yogis. And feel. Feel your heart beat to the rhythm of raindrops. Yoga is a graceful reminder of our innate knowledge of how little there is that separates us. Why? Because what you are thinking is what I am thinking. Be present to this moment, withdraw from what was and detach from outcomes.

While I was studying in India I found out I was pregnant with my second child. It was 4.30am after I peed on the miracle stick to discover that a baby was growing in my body. I screamed so loudly that my new flat mate woke up and we screamed together. I heard her say something about her pregnancy. When we stopped jumping around I asked her what happened to her baby. She was in shock. What I thought I’d heard come out of her mouth came out of her soul. She told me that she had not spoken a word of it, yet it was the truth.

A day I will never forget was walking out of the specialist’s office juggling my devastation of being labeled SICK, Actually, DISESEASED and unable to have anymore babies. As I walked I heard the name of my friends new boyfriend being chanted at me. Continuously, over and over I could hear his name. The name of a person I had never met before. By the time I reached my home I was in such a state that I bypassed my husband and told him that I needed to speak to Nick. Nick who? I heard him say. When I finally got him on the phone, I asked him if he knew anything about Hashimotto’s disease. He paused. Then replied, yes, I have just finished my thesis on it. Nick was a naturopath. With his outstanding guidance I was cured with not one drug passing my lips. That pregnancy in India was my gift after three years of detoxing and trusting that inner knowing.

It’s truly beautiful to get into the flow. Be still. Listen up and feel our wisdom connect. It is with pride that I stand before you with a new label. I am an intuitive yoga teacher, a title bestowed to me from that secret club of wisdom.