Clear and Kind Presence

The mantra keeping me buoyant this week is 'clear and kind presence'. With the full moon illuminating our shadows and drawing all our emotions forward it's been easy to get swept up in the frenzy of doing and forgetting to just be present. How have you fared during this full moon week? More depleted than energized has been the response from students at THE INTUITIVE Room. It's been a time of needing to slow down and honor who we are in the 'now'. Yoga offers us that space to open up to our personal 'sacred space' and park all our varied emotions and mental calamaties while we bask in the essence of our true natural state of being. This is yoga. Being a witness to yourself; taking the time to step back from the barrage of noise and observe who you are. This was the task of this weeks I AM PEACE MEDITATION CLASS. Students practiced a day of withdrawal from speech enabling time to observe and not react. Some experienced guilt and others a sense of euphoria. Try it for yourself and see how it makes you feel. I was teaching a group of people this week that I have to say I was dreading. I know, it doesn't sound very 'yoga'. Last weeks session was a struggle and I've spent the week pondering the 'poor me' in this situation. I walked into the class and sat in silence for sometime gripping my mantra like my last lifeline. I let go of what was. I let go of my ego. I let go everything and gave perspective to this practice by honoring it with a clear and kind presence of mind. What had been a bad situation the week before didn't exist anymore. The session was steeped by the guidance of the wisest teacher, the breath. It was like an awakening... a breath of fresh air. And all was just as it needed to be. Balanced.