Happy Spring Equinox!

Today marks the first day of an equal length of day and night. Where perhaps we bring consciousness to the often unbalanced seesaw of emotional traits that affect us daily through disease or injuries. Maybe today, is a day to soften the hardness and present as a blank canvas ready to paint our own version of harmony. In a balanced state of being, we open to a playful and healthy sense of curiosity that beautifully expands our perspective from limited to expansive... our perfect 360 degree view of adventure.

Even how we breathe can determine our equal balance. Take a moment as you're reading this to check which nostril you're breathing from. If it's mostly coming out of the left nostril you are activating your intuitive and holistic traits which relate to your right brain hemisphere. If your breath is mostly coming out from your right nostril you are usually performing tasks that require you to be more analytical like study or work and your mind is more anchored in being strategic. Here's a tip for you; if you are called upon to provide a compassionate shoulder for a loved one, you might want to check that your breath is coming mostly from your left nostril which supports your empathic and nurturing side. Listening and holding space for someone in need requires the gentleness of the right brain hemisphere and not the critical analytical traits powered by the right nostril breath. Both are valid and play vital roles in our daily living. Breathing equally through both nostrils is an experience of being deeply relaxed whilst being fully present and alert. In yoga we perform a pranayama (breathing technique) that regulates an equal flow called Nadi Shodana.