What is Himalayan Yin Yoga?

Himalayan Yin Yoga is a meditative practice handed down through the Himalayan tradition where we work in a systematic manner with the grosser, external aspects of our being and then move inwards to more subtle practices that lead to meditation. In a Himalayan Yin Yoga class you can expect to be exposed to a quiet nurturing practice with positions to be held between 2 and 5 minutes. In Yin Yoga all shapes or body positions will be seated or lying and well supported to facilitate maximal muscular disengagement in order to more effectively accessing the fascia (deep and superficial), ligaments and tendons.


The practice of Yin Yoga is considered to be exercise for your yin (connective) tissue, and has significant regenerative benefits for your body in our active lives. Yin Yoga has its roots in Daoist Yoga and is tied to the Chinese Medicine tradition. For this reason classes are inspired by the Chinese 5 Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood) and their associated meridian lines. The classes are designed to open the targeted meridian lines to encourage more efficient Qi flow throughout the body.

By Markji