A monk was once asked

Does the mind exist?

If so, where?

Is it in the body?

Or is it outside?

Or is it everywhere and all over?

Where is the mind?


His response was to ask his audience to participate in a social experiment:

"if you are happy right now, raise your right hand please.

If you are unhappy, even a little, please raise your left hand.

Now, those that are happy, please point to that happiness with your right index finger.

Those who are unhappy, please point to that unhappiness with your left index finger: locate if for me.

Happiness is real. Unhappiness is true. There is no doubt that these things exist. But you cannot locate these realities anywhere in your body, anywhere outside your body, or anywhere else at all.

The mind cannot be within a three-dimensional space, but three-dimensional space is within the mind.

The mind is the biggest thing in the world, it contains the universe."

{ an extract from 'Opening the door of your heart' by Ajahn Brahm }


Offer your mind a much needed break with a very simple yet power approach to living.


Silence is the greatest retreat we can offer not only to our minds but also to our spirit.

Perhaps this full moon ( happening this Monday ) you might consider even an hour of complete silence. Silence from speaking, from reading, from gadgets and from people. Empty out and consider it the start of a detox for your mind.