In yoga we call our discipline 'practice'. We practice listening to the silence within.

An invitation to go in.
We pause.
We exhale. and we repeat.

Our faith is that each time an inspiration awakens our soul we have enough time to stop for a moment and look.

"Look for the One who is looking.
Look for the One who is seeing.
Look for the One who is hearing.
Look for the One". Bhagavati

The divine presence, the One that keeps the cycle of breathing igniting our purpose of being. We bow to that which connects us to our own holy presence. This place within each of us is our holy shrine. In this witnessing is your true discovery. No other quest in life has such value as that of knowing who you are. So stop for a while my dear friend, and take time to Listen to the Silent holiness of your being.

You are that.

Bow to that.