"Breathe me gently..."


That breath you are breathing right now, that everyday, nothing special breath, is humbly beckoning your attention. That next inhale desperately reaching for more of you, hangs around long enough with hope of being felt. Maybe. Consider this: every breath is a profound yet simple gesture of respect for who you are. Every breath a ritual of growing you. Sustaining you. Balancing you. Living you alive with the utmost loyalty. So why not take the time to just be with it, hear it, feel it, taste it...

This struck me this week:
"Little breath, breathe me gently, row me gently, for I am a river I am learning to cross" by M.S. Merwin

This breath is the same for you and I and yet my deepened breath feels uniquely mine. Each inspiration awakening our soul to live our body gracefully, accepting unconditionally who it is that carries it. The breath is the barometer and keeper of our being. It mirrors the river of unspoken emotions and privies us insights to our inner world. The yoga sutras tell us that the breath is the key to the vista of higher consciousness.
This week in class we took time to witness each other breathing. A profound meditation of projecting the mind to focus on one point that eventually leads to merging with that object. What happened was a profound expression of oneness. It was magic...

On ode to the breath
"You are the strength that keeps me walking.
You are the hope that keeps me trusting.
You are the life to my soul.
You are my everything, and how can I stand here
with you and not be moved by you"
Source: Lifehouse, breathing

At THE INTUITIVE Room we take time to usher the breath back to center stage where we bow to it with the utmost respect.

Hari Om Tat Sat
(that is truth)
See you