Deep Altered State of Consciousness

A blissful evening of floating with Intuitive yogi Adriana and Spiritual Harmonic Healer Lilly

JULY 1 Friday evening 7 - 9pm $35

Adriana is an Intuitive Yoga Teacher and Lilly is a Spiritual Harmonic Healer. Together they team up for an evening of heightening consciousness through yogic practices and vibrational healing.

This is a deeply peaceful and moving experience of dissolving into a flowing wave of healing vibrations. Adriana is a soulful yogi that channels her teachings from inner wisdom. She will lead a meditation awakening the energy centers blissfully opening to a flowing stream of mantra vibrations. The group will chant an auspicious 108 rhythmic chants that will collectively empower and expand the pranic flow of awareness. 

Lilly is a humble and truly beautiful soul that has been chosen by spirit to be a vehicle for their expression through song and vibration. Lilly is a spiritual harmonic healer who allows spirit from the realm of love to infuse with her energy for the intention to heal, expand, and create awareness in the knowing that all is One.The energy that comes through Lilly is breathtaking. Every cell of your being will feel her song and sound.

The work you will do with Adriana blends beautifully in preparation for a heighten experience of Lilly's breathtaking vibration. This will stay with you for a long time after the event is over. A deep immersion of opening to grace.

Why is this a healing experience?
Sounds resinate with your higher consciousness for you to bring about the changes perhaps needed for you to live your authentic selves and heal those emotions and blockages which creates dis-ease within our bodies, hearts and minds. The singing also helps one to feel the love and light within, thus bringing clarity and balance within yourself and the planet. The singing with spirit reflects out into the ether and helps to balance vibrations in surrounding areas.

To hear and witness the singing creates expansiveness in one’s consciousness, to understand that we all are One, free from the bonds of race, creed, sexuality, religion and gender, and to comprehend that life is indeed eternal. Whilst seeming random, each singer is well orchestrated, Lilly simply allows the spontaneous flow of spirit, one after the other, sometimes holding the same breath and note and a new guide will come in without stopping. Lilly’s breath can go on longer when she is in that state of consciousness.

Singing, toning, sounds and chants of all different nationalities come through in their native tongue to bring about love, peace, harmony, enlightenment and balance in one’s chakras. Therefore creating healing and benefit to humankind as a whole.

Throughout history man has sung for healing and expanding one’s mind to be closer to the God Force and Godhead. Specific cultures use different tones for creating balance. Chanting creates attunement to the Source. Some guides are obvious which cultures they are from, others are more ancient bringing their love to you also.