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Stellar Halo

Coaching & Astrology

My sessions always start with a thorough analysis of your astrology birth chart. An initial diagnosis reveals the purpose of your soul in this lifetime and your primary growth path and challenges. From here on in we co-create through my intuitive connection to you showing me the modalities and processes to use to unravel, reprogram and revision your unique path toward wholeness and true power. To do this I offer three signature programs and they are:   



About You: Over, Under and Within - AUS $220

This is a holistic analysis of your primary qualities and what’s currently unfolding in your life. We are all complex organisms comprised of many shades, hues and vibrant gifts – that is the unique Self (i.e. Sun & Moon & the rest of the planets.) By identifying these ingredients we empower, blend and integrate those divergent characteristics. This literally opens and liberates fresh psychological, mental and emotional vitality. Like a powerful yoga asana, each one of your inner meridians can flow once you have SELF-awareness. You may choose 3 different areas of life to focus your questions.



Deep Dive Transform - AUS $330

This is literally like laser surgery to identify the potential of upcoming choices, challenges, helpful and not so helpful energies, as well as dealing with any past issues that impact on you. This is about conscious creation where you weed out finished business and weave in the new platform on which to build the next stage of your life based on all the energies and tools you have available. We use the ‘timing systems’ of the planetary cycles as they trigger your evolution by ‘activating’ your natal potential so you may grow, release, liberate, heal, create new foundations and step into your power through making conscious choices.



Rise and Shine Coaching Sessions - AUS $110/session  

This is a seven-part journey where we discover areas of your unique story where you may in ‘groundhog’ mode or experiencing limitation and restriction. In each session we focus on one ‘petal’ or archetype that is either dysfunctional or not working with you at the highest potential. These sessions are fun, informative and we end each session with a guided meditation where you get to meet that archetype and then…..well, something wonderful happens…