Saturday FEBRUARY 11

2.30 - 4.15pm

Re-vision the mind in meditation

This is a must for anyone interested in grasping how meditation affects the brain.

Meditation and in particular Mindfulness are critical for creative thinking. Creativity is linked with the imagination and the imagination is linked to the visual mind.

Neuroscientists look to the visual cortex to describe brain plasticity - when you manipulate the visual environment you can measure, record and see how changing a persons experience can end up re-wiring the brain.

Imagination is the creation of new images in the mind. It is of the mind, it is the possibility to look to the future and reflect on the past - to see the relationships and patterns. You can use your imagination to your detriment or your advantage. Equally you can “create” or “destroy” with these same processes.

Visual cognitive function happens as two main processes; one is what you choose to see externally (encoding), the other is how you use your visual mind – or your imagination – to make sense of your experiences (decoding).

This session will illustrate how to use mediation to access the imaginative part of the brain in order to re-vision possibilities. Your future is a blank canvas on which to paint a reality.

MEET Kelly-Ann Denton - BVA Hons., MVA (Syd) – commenced a visual language and visual culture practice in 1993. She has designed visual education and imagination programs for two decades and written curricula for universities, state and federal government, not-for-profit organiations and international corporations, as well as individuals. The material has been consistently updated with new research related to the visual mind and neuroplasticity and she leads in the field of visual literacy for adults. Her expertise is founded on a comprehensive understanding of how we see, how we imagine and how we remember in order to make sense of our environments and create realities.