I AM PEACE MEDITATION 4 wk course $108


Thursdays 7.30 - 8.45pm

JULY 6 - 27


This four week course will focus on the breath and bringing awareness to the energy centres known as chakras (wheels of light). Awareness to these invisible energy centres has the power to cultivate peace and build internal strength in preparation for the deeper practices of meditation. You will feel amazing. In every class we spend the first 20 minutes moving and releasing the body and breath from any stuck energy. These are passive and fun moves to energise and relax the body and mind. 

Meditation is not easy at all. The sitting. The stillness. It takes time, preparation and practice to get to a place of comfort with it. I AM PEACE is a method presented by Adriana Cortazzo that adapts traditional yogic practices presented in a creative and explorative approach. If you need to quieten your mind and are clueless to how you're going to convince your body to co-operate, then give this course a go. The only guarantee here is that you will laugh at lot in an environment that you feel at home in.

According to the wise sage Patanjali yoga can be understood and achieved through the immersion of the eight limbs (eight steps) to which meditation (Dhyana) is a part of. To approach yoga secularly without adhering to all the eight limbs is like breathing and omitting the air. Within this course of I AM PEACE we take into account the eight limbs and use it like a map to explore deeper layers of who we are. 

Meditation is a beautiful practice but one that is a challenge to grasp. With enough preparation both physically and mentally it is possible to cut through blockages and arrive to some experience of clarity. Our devotion is remembering how we got there and repeating it as often as we can.

Meditation is about cultivating a kind and clear presence of being. Adriana presents an eclectic and creative expression of approaching stillness that is her own unique form of meditation. She draws from her 30+ years as a yogi and offers very traditional techniques that will deeply change how you feel about stillness. Within the course you will be guided with simple but effective gentle yoga poses in preparation for sitting in stillness. It works. It's powerful. Students report sleeping better, feeling more relaxed around usual stressful situations and generally happier. Sometimes students walk in with headaches and leave feeling lighter and alleviated from their tension. Each class is an experience to transform and reset our dial of who we are. This course is ideal for that person who struggles to sit still but needs to.  The aim for each session is peace. To become friends with it. To love it and learn how to live with it permanently.

If you can breathe, you qualify!

"It is not about learning, learning, learning, it is just about dissolving into emptiness, and then from your emptiness, you are speaking from the source." ~Sri Mooji~

Testimonials from students:

"I started yoga when my life was at a very low ebb. I looked for classes online in my area and was very drawn to your classes. I’m not sure of the reason but I knew intuitively that I needed to go to your classes. I have noticed that you are very aware of all of your students, seeing when we are struggling and tailoring the exercises to both the class as a group and the individual. Whilst the yoga classes were a blessing I needed something more. I am peace seemed to offer the missing  component to my life. Again I was drawn to the description of the class and to you as a teacher and mentor. I was not disappointed. I was and continue to be amazed at how far I have come with the mediation classes. In the past I have never been able to find that place of peace. Your classes have given me the tools to find that oasis in my day that gives me the strength to keep going. I know I have a long way to go but I can now find that peace if only for a few moments.

I am now free of the anti depressants that were meant to be the solution to my problems. Instead of mind numbing drugs, I now use the methods you have given me to cope with the daily struggles in my life. If not for the strength and love you have shared I would not have had the courage to seek someone with whom to share my life, and as you know I have found my soul mate.  

For me yoga, and in particular the I am peace classes, have given me a greater understanding of my own body and the knowledge that I must love and care for myself in order to love and care for others. I shall always be eternally grateful for the gift that you have given me. I know in my heart that I would not have achieved this with any other teacher. Your gift is your empathy and understanding, your humour and the huge knowledge that you share so freely. You are not only my teacher and mentor but I do hope a lifelong friend". Deborah Flood

"Be prepared to surrender any expectation and be amazed! When you attend the I AM PEACE course, the layers of ego melt away to reveal your true self. Beyond breath-work, beyond meditation, Adriana takes you on a journey of self-exploration, peeling back the layers to find a true understanding of self, and with an open heart embrace compassion, gratitude and love for self and for others. I Am Peace will allow your authentic self to shine through, illuminating your path. It has for me..."
Margie McCall